In 1989...

The Guilde of St. George, the first guilde of the Bristol Renaissance Faire, was founded. Dean Schroeder was Guildemaster. There were only ten members.

The Midsummer Stage was built where the Plague Shoppe was once located.

The Bristol Academy of Performing Arts was created. They have since educated nearly 2,000 students in the arts of street characterization, improvisation, country dance, Elizabethan language, stage combat and variety skills.

The castle in Bristol Park was built.

The first year for John Karger, the [Royal Falconer].

Another summer of 100+ degrees.

Ron Scot Fry was named Entertainment Director.

The Queen's Singers made their debut.

First year for long-time performer Mary Mascari.

This Summer also saw The Ring of Soup led by Ed Buck and the creators of Spud Theater.