The Bristol Harbour Seadogs (aka Seadogs or Sea Dogs) were a segment of the Bristol Fight Cast that portrayed the "Goode Guys." The other half of the fight cast portrayed The Guards who were the "Badde Guys." The theme ran from 1994 to 2002 at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Beginning with the 2013 season the Seadogs have returned to Bristol!


This wildly popular theme was inspired from a group of performers at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato, California. The Bristol cast quickly made it their own with engaging characters, fun scripts and regularly scheduled "reigns of terror" that ensured the action was taken to all points of the compass.

In 1989, the good guys were Robin of Locksley and his friends (based on Robin Hood legend). The bad guys were the sheriff and his guards. This cast was composed of many members of the original Ring of Steel in its third incarnation.

From 1990 to 1993, the good guys were the Scofflaws. The bad guys were the guards of whoever the lead bad guy was.


In 1994, the Seadogs were created, with Captain Nick Cutter as their leader. The evil Sir Edward Coke was their foil.

In 1997, the Seadog Web Site was created to "one-up" the Guards who did something cool to one-up the Seadogs for having their own trading cards. The Bristol Discussion Board evolved directly from this web site, and all elements of the Seadogs vs. Guards theme was dropped from what became a discussion forum for the Bristol Renaissance Faire community.

The final season of the Seadogs was 2002. After that season, it was replaced by the Robin Hood theme, itself borrowed from the New York Renaissance Faire.

A Return?Edit

With the nautical theme for the 2006 season, some believed the Seadogs scenario would return. It did not.

At the end of the 2007 season, Randall T. Anderson retired from performing at Bristol and chose an interesting way to do so. On September 3 at Nobles Glade at the end of the final day of the season, he dressed as Nick Cutter for the first time since 2002 and, accompanied by Greg Larson as Jack Bottoms, requested that Queen Elizabeth released him from her services. She did so.

The Return!Edit

After the end of the Robin Hood theme in 2012 the Seadogs returned to Bristol Renaissance Faire in the 2013 season with new stories and a new crew of sailors to protect the town of Bristol. First lead by Captain Thomas Hart, however begining with the 2014 season a young upstart by the name Captain Walter Raleigh has taken the lead of the new crew of Bristol Seadogs.

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