The Nodaway Renaissance Faire is a renaissance faire in Nodaway, Iowa. The event is set to take place September 16 and 17, 2006.


The faire started in 2004. It is during the annual Nodaway Corn Carnival, which will be celebrating it's 30th year in 2006. Nodaway's population is only around 100 people and the event takes place in a small city park in the center of the town. In 2005, they had about 10 merchants set up shop and several performers on hand.

Previous PerformersEdit

Ministry of Petty Offenses
Danza Mystique
Concentio Agnorum
Orckes and Trolles
Sir Geoffrey of Quinn
Josh the Juggler
Silver Phoenix Mercenary Guild
Shire of the Wise
The Duke and the Count
The Royal Slam

External LinksEdit

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